Thursday, August 5, 2010

Red Flag

When an exchange begins with the words "Let me get this straight" someone should throw a red flag. There have been two times in recent memory when this opener has been directed at me. Once was when my son Kevin (at the well-informed age of 16) took issue with my disgust after John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running-mate. The second was just this week, when my Facebook "friend" (a high school classmate who I haven't spoken to in 30 years) took me to task over my status. I had posted a link promoting the boycott of Target for their financial support of a virulent anti-gay, anti-immigration politician.

Beyond just depressing me that I had to defend my patriotism, political beliefs, and personal causes on my own Facebook page, it reminded me of just how ugly the political landscape has always been.  

I've often wondered why about my lifelong interest in stories of the holocaust, as well as civil rights battles that happened before I could even read. Along with anti-semitism, and racism, anti-gay fervor bewilders me. How can people hate other people who they don't even know?  Believe me I hate too.  But I hate people who have given me a reason to hate them. Some are black, some Jewish, some female, some gay, some Hispanic, some Muslim, some Catholic, some male, some white, some Asian, some straight, some Texan.  But I don't hate them because of those identifying qualities - I hate them because they are mean-spirited, narcissistic, dishonest, sadistic, or intentionally hurtful.

Maybe my mission during this life's merry-go-round ride is to educate as many folks as possible around issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. I didn't have much experience or knowledge about them twenty years ago, but now I do.  If I can become educated enough to be an educator, then maybe others can too.
The backlash that Target is experiencing may have not yet reached capacity. (It was only last night that I called the hotline (612) 304-6073 and joined the bandwagon of folks protesting Target's support of Minnesota right-wing gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.)  Not that I think that my paltry $15,000+ year spent at the Glendale Target is going to change their policies; but it is starting to look like the power of pulling the paltry purchases of patrons might just make an impact. While an apology doesn't undo what has been done, maybe it will make other CEOS think twice before they bite the hand that feeds them.

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  1. My only form of solace when faced with intolerance is my belief that reincarnation and karma may exist. If they do, then souls can eventually realize the consequences of their narrow-minded and judgmental actions by "having to walk in the other person's shoes."

  2. ...Let me get this's hard to believe that there are still people in the world that believe equality for ALL people isn't constitutional, morally right or something that they are willing to protest, fight against or take issue with on Facebook. Makes ya just want to beat your head against a wall doesn't it. And then there's Elisabeth Hasselbeck....that's a whole other post!