Monday, September 21, 2009

MidChix: A One-Stop-Shop for Women

When I joined the social networking scene last fall, it was eye-opening to see how useful these sites can be when it comes to staying in touch with the people you care about. However, I found that not enough of the people I care about were using them, and it occurred to me that women like me might appreciate a site that was developed specifically for them. is a unique new wire where mid-life women can gather, share, laugh, and learn. The site is designed to facilitate connections between old and new friends, to provide education on emerging technologies, to share inspiration in the form of profiles and personal stories, and to support charities in our local communities and around the world. is the first social networking boutique that caters to the needs of this very powerful demographic. Women 40+ have a firm grip on the consumer market through increasing purchasing power and independent income. In fact, women make 85% of all brand purchases in American households and because of their growing prominence the workplace during the last 30 years, women are powerful buyers in categories not traditionally marketed to them, including cars, computers, financial services, home improvement and consumer electronics.

While MidChix appeals to a wide range of advertisers, my fellow chix and I have developed very specific standards for potential advertisers, and we promise to only partner with companies that serve the best interests of women through their products, services, employment practices, and/or charitable endeavors. This approach seeks to shift the paradigm of online advertising to partnerships that are authentic and mutually beneficial.

As women continue to wield a growing amount of influence online, particularly in social media, there is a significant opportunity for our partners to create ads that are relevant, reliable and trusted. MidChix is a virtual one-stop-shop for women seeking to find the information they need and want with no exceptions!
Stay tuned for more on MidChix and the benefits of marketing to women over 40…