Wednesday, August 11, 2010

damn, never liked being a copycat

who knew there were so many gals already doing my project-on a daily, yearly, lifelong basis!  sheesh.  and here i was thinking i was so great.  but never mind, i'll try to remember this isn't a competition.  so far my biggest accomplishment was buying the marked down to a dollar bodywash for my hubby instead of the irish spring he asked for.

oh yeah, joined

am still figuring out exactly how it works but it sounds like it's a place to get cash back on purchases. which is a little worrisome because then i have to make purchases. but since i only promised to not pay full price i guess i can still buy as much junk as i want!

i know you're wondering why i am pretending to be e.e.cummings. well, this is the reason.   i have neck stuff.  it makes my hands go numb, which can be a problem when you spend 90% of your day typing or manhandling a steering wheel.

so the deal is that the position my body is in to type or steer is the worst position for someone with neck stuff. figures. so after letting my fabulously sadistic muscle activation therapist leave permanent bruises on me last night, i am trying to type with my arms by my side rather than extended. which means that hitting shift to capitalize is a little too much effort. want to try?  okay find a rocking chair, put the laptop in your lap (finally figured out that's why they call it a laptop) now rock back.  oh i forgot to tell you, you'll need an ottoman too or something to put your feet up on so you can stay rocked back and type at the same time. okay, now brace your feet against the ottoman; oops you also need an overweight dog to sit on the ottoman so it doesn't push away under your weight. keep your elbows back like your hugging your muffintop and then type. (if it doesn't push away under your weight OR if you don't have a muffintop, then maybe we shouldn't be blog buddies...)

 so now, i'm cutting back on spending and capitalizing and skinny friends!

my sixteen year old has been teaching me to cut back on word endings.  no kid.  she is into abbrevs . having a convo with her is worse than coit interrupt.  soon i may be texting my blog...except if i do it via my iphone it'll just b garble.  is anyone else sick of the iphone correcting their typing? i knew i had to stick with a real keyboard after it changed "forgive me" to "f$ck me".

ok, time to see if i'm as good at driving with my elbows caressing my muffintop as i am at typing.  stay tuned.


  1. I'm picturing you driving like that now, and it's scaring me....but you are doing awesome on the typing, considering the contortions you have to go through!

  2. LOL! That's it, just LOL.

    hv a g8 dA. :)

  3. Fun! I don't even speak the same language as 16 year olds! The other day someone called a piece of my jewelry "custom" and meant it as a complement. Still trying to figure that one out.