Saturday, September 18, 2010

Everybody Loves a Party

The balloons reminded me of another party; fifteen years ago, we hosted a backyard cocktail party at our home in New York.  My five year-old niece had been diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease. Living in a different state, with four kids of our own, it was impossible for us to do much to help out on a regular basis.  One day, I had the brainstorm to have a party and raise money for research.  Despite the doubts of many, that first event raised nearly $22,000, and served as a catalyst for a whole bunch of fundraising parties with a purpose.  Over the course of ten years, our extended family raised over $250,000 for research into Batten Disease.  Tragically, we still lost our beautiful blue-eyed, blonde-haired Betsy.  But not until she had touched tens of thousands of lives, and the research done on her behalf had helped researchers pinpoint the wayward gene, develop carrier and fetal tests, resulting in the birth of a healthy baby brother. 

I will always remember the night of that party.  It was a huge endeavor, and I had never felt so passionately about the power of love and friendship.  The outpouring of support for this little girl was staggering, and I think it's the only thing that saved my brother's sanity as he and his family walked through the valley.

Last night, the feeling that I had walking through the rooms of Pomegranate Place , was very much like the one I'd felt those many years ago, as scores of women, some of whom I'd not even met, mingled, and shopped, and laughed, and shared, and embodied the soul of MidChix.

We were blessed by the generosity of Tom Curcio at Happy Canyon Wines, the musical grace of harpist Lily Kellogg, save-the-day server recruitment by mascot chick (she's barely over thirty!) Ally Ryan, plus the tireless efforts of Mama Holli, Lise Amos, Kirsten Heckendorf, (who had to miss the fun as her daughter endured a third knee surgery), and event planner, Denise Smith.

Everyone was in a festive frame of mind!  I connected with friends I hadn't seen in months, women I'd never met, and experienced that powerful somethin' somethin' that comes from seeing people you like connect with other people you like... hey, that's what MidChix is all about!

Our vendors were spectacular and made the party extra special-who doesn't like to go home with a little trinket?  EveyK had her usual unique pieces and accessories that make her boutique such a hot destination.  Both FORSSE, the coolest new on-call personal security app for Androids and IPhones, and Girls Fight Back, the beneficiary of our event, wowed the crowd.  Chix loved Joni's Silpada jewelry and Beckons Organic Clothing. Ophelia's Oracle was a wonderful find!  A book loved by girls and women alike.

I bought a lil' bit of BodyBark, and have worn the boy shorts all day with not a single adjustment!  Going to invest in a few more... Kate's Sweet Pea Pockets were coveted by all; my new one made the rounds with me today. It was a struggle to choose among the many one-of-a-kind Anne Franklins Designs, and Tastefully Simple's easy to prepare and delicious meals were exactly what busy chix like us need to help get the fam fed. Diane Lather Belfour's Works of Light are beauty in the purest sense of the word, and the perfect gift for someone special. Elizabeth Cuckson and Barie Joy added the perfect finishing touches with their rare gifts of intuition and Tarot.

Donations by Pure Barre and Dr. Christine Rodgers enPointe added to the evening.

It was a night to remember, as, like that night in 1995, it was just the beginning of what promises to be a powerful and extraordinary movement of connection, and isn't that what life is all about...


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  2. I'm glad the Body Bark Boy Shorts are working for you! Catherine

  3. Bravo Gretchen, Lise was the perfect evening at Pomegranate Place! a little shopping, networking with new friends, visiting with old friends. Thank you for all that and more . . . we love MID-CHIX!


  4. Great post Gretchen! We've tried to connect our Body Bark blog with Chief Chick Chatter; did you get the trackback? Looking forward to connecting with you and MidChix again in the future!

  5. Dear Gretchen and team Midchix: I was so sad to miss the event-- but, have to admit I liked roaming around D.C. without an agenda with the significant other! I do thank you for the intro to Pom Place as I've made a new friend and we're meeting there this week! Midchix rocks it and I just love and miss you gals! Hope our schedules are more aligned as fall and winter makes its approach! Happy Anniversary to all of you-- what an exciting time! xoxo, Judi C