Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thirty Days has September, April, June, and November...

When I was little, my mother's best friend had a sign in her kitchen that read: "The Hurrieder I Go, The Behinder I Get." I could always relate to that sign. Often it feels like no matter how fast or far or furiously I pedal, when I look ahead, I still have just as far to go...but as my husband likes to remind me every so often, the problem is not the road, it's my perspective. So during a week when I can barely sleep because of the number of competing projects, plans, posts, and people vying for my attention, I've decided to glance in the rearview mirror and see the reflection of what I HAVE done. This may be a little like making a to-do list of accomplished tasks just so you can check them off... but hope you'll humor me!
June 2010
6/1 Met with Louise Walsh of American Business Women Association - for more info go HERE.
and visited Safehouse-Denver. You can too: HERE.
an amazing organization that provides domestic violence emergency shelter, intervention, counseling and education.
6/2 Co-hosted a farewell party for my ten year-old and 3 classmates moving to new schools.
6/3 Met Charlie Groves and learned about a fabulous new app called resQlink launching soon HERE.
6/4 Co-hosted a book signing event with Mi Casa HERE , The Latina Chamber HERE featuring Helen Thorpe and her ground-breaking book, Just Like Us.
6/5 Celebrated Lisa's 40th with the Pilates Within gang. HERE
6/6 Drove @700 miles to Des Moines with 15 year old co-pilot, dog, kid, and guitar.
6/7 Experienced Chicago from Lake Michigan via Wendella boat tour HERE
6/8 Wondered how Conneaut Day's Inn stays in business...READ MORE HERE
6/9 Experienced more rain during 12 hours in Hancock, NY than during last 12 months in Denver.
6/10 Arrived in PA to regale mother, brother, daughter, aunt & uncle with road trip trivia.
6/11 Met Missy Stein of WHAT 1340AM HERE and shared MidChix story with Philly listeners. LISTEN HERE
6/12 Crossed the bridge into Stone Harbor REMINISCE WITH ME
6/13 Cleaned, unpacked, walked, read, sunned, planted, rearranged, slept, relaxed, weeded, wrote.
6/14 Interviewed by Pat Lynch of WomensRadio HERE.
6/15 Forgot to attend my niece's graduation. Sorry Courtney!
6/16 Discussed process to become Contributing Editor to WomensRadio.
6/16 Prepared for hubby's arrival (i.e. emptied dishwasher, shaved legs, purchased wine)
6/17 Took photos of the 100th Street House for HERE
6/18 Pretended it wasn't Father's Day
6/19 Pinched myself and Phil a few times to make sure we weren't dreaming we were alone
6/20 Made plans with college pal Tree for our 30 year friend anniversary in September
6/21 Drove to Baltimore and back for Women's Business Enterprise National Council annual conference. HERE
6/22 Had my back adjusted at Olivieri Chiropractic. Bad Back in South Jersey? HERE

6/23 Met the notorious Devil Dog Trainer Donna and learned how to be alpha HERE
6/24 Broke down and ate not just one, but two doughnuts from Kohlers-mail order available HERE
6/25 Savored our last night alone.
6/28 Drove 5 hours to Hancock, watched You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Gypsy, a vocal recital, and met Nacho, the horse, drove 5 hours back to Stone Harbor!
6/29 Attended my first webinar ever - Basic Training in Audio Acrobat, the most magical and valuable online tool I have EVER encountered CHECK IT OUT HERE
6/30 Made it to first Mermaids Book Club HERE meeting and chose The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender as our next read.

Conclusions: Domestic violence is terrorism, soon your IPhone may save your life, immigration laws must change, 40 is the new 30, it rains a lot east of Denver, driving is hard on your back, water is good for the psyche, old dogs can learn new tricks, I probably didn't even need to shave, following directions in reverse is harder than you'd think, cream doughnuts are worth it, I have a lot of reading to do, audio acrobat could change everything, and you really do learn something new every day...
Just think, most months have 31!


  1. Love Love Love this post! Good job my friend! Good JOb!
    Mama Holli