Monday, April 26, 2010

Away, Away... is There a Way to Embrace It?

My least favorite activities all seem to involve the verb "putting away". Does anybody relish putting away laundry, dishes, groceries, shoes, coats, silverware, linens, toys? Don't get me wrong. I like when they are away. I just hate taking the time to do it. I keep reading about embracing the present and enjoying every moment while in it. Yet, just like driving, telemarketers, junk email, filling ice trays, and the required emissions tests, putting things away seems like such an extraordinary squandering of time.

There must be a way to take pleasure in the process. I just started reading the book Drive by Daniel Pink and, surprise, apparently we are not motivated by money. So I guess paying myself to unpack the groceries is not the answer. If the three elements of true motivation are like Pink says, autonomy, mastery, and purpose... then I should celebrate the fact that I can do these things "all by myself", that after so many years of practice-I'm pretty damn good at them (anyone care to have a dishwasher emptying contest?), and remind myself that the reason I do them is that I like it when they are done.

I'll keep you posted as I work on appreciating the process. Suggestions welcome!

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