Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things that make me Flush.

There are few things that upset me more than those automatic public restroom commodes that decide for you when you should be finished your business. 

It's bad enough to encounter a wet seat, where some germophobe has generously deposited her own personal germs, but after the indignity of wet thighs, having the startle and splash effect of a know-it-all-toilet is over the top. Though there are times when any potty will do...

Airports seem to be big on these contraptions, along with the FREEZING cold water from the automatic spigots, which often spews its millisecond spray while your hand is still hovering to the right, optimistically hoping for a squirt of soap.

Although I have morphed into a somewhat more savvy social media and tech type over the past two years, I remain vehemently opposed to many "technology advances" that, in their mysterious overzealousness, merely complicate things that use to be simple. Kind of like writing a to-do list after everything has been done.

Take for instance, the new parking kiosks at Denver's airport ( I know, I know, stop complaining about the airport; I did, if you missed my rant and follow-up last fall). While I appreciate the sight of a real person to take my ticket when exiting the lot, what I don't get is why the real person is apparently just there to tell us to put the ticket in the slot (good luck finding the arrow indicating which part goes in first since you don't have your reading glasses on because you're driving...) and then to put the credit card in the slot(again, forcing us to carefully read the fine print next to the slots). After that's all said and done, in a moment of apparent benevolence, she/he grabs the receipt and hands it to me!  Huh?? The only action that would have been easy to do myself is the the one that's done for me!

This must be what they mean by government waste.