Monday, March 8, 2010

Social Media Butterfly

Social media…the bane of my existence, and the reason for it.

Spent the weekend trying to make all my user names, passwords, email addresses, and screen names line up. So far, I am known as 475Gretch, Ginger27, gretchen27, Javamama27, gretchen174, ChiefChick, ChiefChick27, Georgie27, and Macaroni. A chick with nine lives.

(Since my passwords are probably already known by half of Denver, I’ll refrain from listing them here.)

Okay, let’s Face it I’m all aTwitter about these fabulous new apps that I happened to Stumble upon. Can you Digg it? Frankly, who gives a Hoot, as long as I’m Linked in to all humanity, it is sweet. Welcome to My Space, will you be my Paypal?…Can you say Ebay? Yahoo! I get Googley eyes when I fantasize about Ticketmaster, even though he’s hot for the Amazon. Blog Her! She may be in Constant Contact, but she’s probably just a Dreamer not a Doer, and I think that My Emma is after him too. She may Evite herself to the Tasty Kitchen, but she’s no Pioneer Woman, so prepare for a 4Square Tuggl of war. I am MidChix, hear me roar! Let’s see what YouTube can do…to make me the Apple of your eye.


  1. Oh so very clever Mama G!!! CUTE TOO CUTE!!!
    Saw you on the are a movie star my dear!!! WOO HOOO!
    Next OPRAH.......I am determined!!! It must be done!!!

  2. I am still laughing at your cleverness---the truth of it all!
    I, too, saw you on the looked MAHvelous, by the way. are destined for future fame and fortune...Oprah....perhaps, but I could see you trading humorous bits with Ellen.

  3. This is great Gretchen!! Don't think I can top that play on words...Love it!!