Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Highs & Lows

Today is a good day, and yesterday was too.  Monday, however, found me in the depths.  The house was trashed, the inbox full, the children needy, whiny, or rude, my husband seemingly the elliptical untouched, the weather freezing, and the laundry piled high.

Fact is, those things were all the same when I woke up yesterday morning.  So why was it that yesterday was a good day?  Is it really bio-rhythms?  I wish I understood how that "black cloud" least I've learned (and try to remember) that it does go away!  

Do you get it too?  What are your strategies for slogging through a day or two or three of mood? Turning to chocolate, coffee, alcohol, bed, or such definitely doesn't help...but of course, it's hard not to.  Walking is always good for me-but when it's freezing, I can't budge.  Maybe the old breathing trick is the answer?  What you do when you're blue?